Mentorship Program

Support in Transition

Through our relationships with local shelters and transitional housing programs such as PATH Connections Housing and the San Diego Rescue Mission, the Ladle Fellowship helps support individuals who are on their way out of homelessness, in addition to those who are currently on the streets. One of the most important resources needed by individuals who are trying to change their lives is positive, healthy community. On the other hand, isolation and unhealthy relationships are often the biggest risk factors for repeated homelessness.

Recognizing this, we pair individuals who are transitioning out of homelessness and seeking to rebuild their lives with volunteer mentors. Our mentors are not professionals and they do not offer monetary or material aid. Rather, they give of their time, wisdom, care, and friendship. Being paired with a mentor has helped many of our participants join a church, find a job, avoid negative influences, experience a sense of belonging, and simply make a good friend.

The Mentorship program is a cooperative effort with the Walk With Me program at the San Diego Rescue Mission. To find out more about this program go to the web site