Volunteer Stories

Many of our Ladle volunteers have been greatly blessed by serving at Ladle. Below are some of their stories

Shawna Bailley‑Schermerhorn

Solana Beach Presbyterian

I first became involved with Ladle Fellowship shortly after I moved to San Diego around 2009.

I remember being so taken aback with how many people the Ladle ministry reached each week. It was, and is, quite an undertaking to not only provide hot meals, groceries, clothing items, and even medical care to so many, but to do so in the midst of such brokenness (extreme homelessness, including women/children, coupled with many mentally and physically ill individuals).

I regularly helped out at Ladle for a year or so until I moved from downtown San Diego closer to North County. Then in 2012, I was looking for a church for our family and remembered back to my Ladle days. I remembered that Solana Beach Presbyterian Church would often bring their youth band to perform during the Sunday meal. Those particular Sundays always stuck with me because not every church would bring kids to an urban setting with 150+ homeless people around, yet SBPC did and those kids ministered and served those attendees in a way that our regular church music/soundtrack or staff could never do. I knew I wanted to be a part of a church that had a heart for all of God’s people and encouraged and supported that for everyone, including their youngest members.

I am grateful for the path God has laid out for me, which helped me find Solana Beach Presbyterian Church through Ladle Fellowship.

Michael Martinez

Ladle guest and volunteer

Being homeless in the early 2000’s Mary Jones and I as guests at Ladle’s Sunday Dinner were Blessed being fed Spiritually and Physically and dressed with clean clothing from time to time. Being treated with Love and Respect we both decided to give back to Ladle Ministries by volunteering our time to help Ladle serve the Homeless and Community at large. The Teamwork involved was AMAZING. May God Bless Ladle Ministries with many more years to come.

John Bord

John was a law student and member of FPC. He played a key role in the founding of Ladle. During the Covid outbreak he sent a letter to our pastor, Jerry Andrews, describing the role he played at the beginning of Ladle. It is a fascinating story. To view a two part video where Jerry reads and comments on this letter click the button below

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George Benthien

Member First Presbyterian

George Has been a Ladle volunteer for over 40 years. A video interview of George was recorded during the 2022 fundraising drive. To see this video click on the button below.

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